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Friday, July 17, 2015

A Dream about Lizard

I was having a real hard day.
Like, real hard. 

Did a ceremony. 
In the bath, with geranium rose eo and 

Burned my palo santo stick
from Kapaa

Played my shamanic drumming 
asked spirit to show me if there was 
something blocking me
or holding me back.

First Lizard came and showed me
about my peeling away the layers

then i asked what i needed to let go of 
and Green Lizard with
his molting head, said
let go of Not Enough
of Shame
of unloveable.

Let go of 
Let go of 

Why me?

I felt this pain deeply, 
felt it rise to the 
surface and boil up
tears poured forth
from my eyes
and sobs 
shook my body

until I pulled it out from 
my heart and said, 
"No more!" to the
shame and the hurt
and the Not Enough
and the "unloveable."

I said goodbye to the one
who is victim 

I asked Lizard to cleanse
and he poured water over
my head and 
he shook his rattles 
over me and let the 
rain of his music 
rain over my body
until I was cleansed, 
and he told me to let 
the drain

Then I said, 
"Is there anyone else 
you would like to 
introduce me to?"

And Lizard said yes, 
And I could see this new 
creature peeking 
from behind a 
or a curtain

anyway it was blocked
and so I said, "Hello, are you shy?
You can show yourself to me

It's okay now."

And all of a sudden, 
Sloth revealed himself
with a big goofy smile

and I just started rolling
with laughter. 
I don't know what was so
funny about sloth

but he was hilarious
to little me.
He was just about
the funniest thing
I'd ever done see.

And when I was done laughing
at my new friend sloth
I asked him what I 
was meant to do? Was
there some task I needed
to perform?

And he said, yes, 
a Spirit walk

And I said, is that like
a journey? 
And he said yes. 
And I said, A 

Vision Quest, perhaps?

And he said yes, 
And I laughed again. 
"You mean like, in Costa Rica?"
And he said yes.

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