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Monday, July 7, 2014

Love Wholly

Love wholly
even when it feels like too much.
Love wholly.
Even when you think that you can't give anymore--
accept the gift.

Even when you feel like
maybe you're not sure
of this love that has found you, through time and chance and place
Love wholly.
If this person loves you with all of their heart,
be adored.
Let that love wash over you and create a feeling of complete
Love wholly.

Love whole.
Even if it's too much.
Let love bathe you in her essential light
Like a purple waterfall coming down off an icy mountain.
Let it wash through you
and let it cleanse your fears and your lack and your unworthiness.
Be the love
Be loved more than you have ever known in this life.
Let love be your essence and your guide
Be breathed. Let your breath match your lover's as you are embraced.
Love wholly.
When you wake at 3:00 in the morning gripped by fear,
Remember love.

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