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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The sun/son

Her mind has entered into a place of
she cannot tell if this is a good thing
or bad
but the sunlight on the desktop
is beautiful
she moves through her days
pursuing the happiness
that she knows resides in her heart
if only she can access that
tight closed place

The sun
on the mountain
in the morning
on the drive to work
inspires her to exclaim to her son
Oh! Look at that!
As the moon on the other side
shouts out to her
you can do this!
You are going to be fine!
Even if your period never comes
and the IUD you got when you
were still married to your husband
is shouting out in pain
trying to expel itself from your body

you can take one small step and
one deep breath
you can drop off your boy and
go to work
you can marvel at the beauty of
the sun.