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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Phoenix Bird Rising

This Phoenix bird rising
sings a new song
Blackbird alights
From the backyard fence
Sentinel barks a
modest warning
I am anew

Grounded by the rocks
she holds in her pockets
Collected over years
never knowing
What purpose they would serve future selves
But Spirit knew

Higher self preconceived
Before herchildself could be aware
Of the safety net
She created
For self to sagely
and safely land

Created again
as the burning fire rises in the east each dawn

Grandmother watches,
sings in her soprano tune
”If I had a hammer/
I'd hammer out justice/
I'd hammer out peace/
I'd hammer out love between/
The brothers and the sisters
All over this land”

Sunfire warms the face
of the Phoenix
As she flies closer to the sun.
Comforts the roots
Cool breezes brush her cheek

Her womb, primed; contains the seeds of one thousand possibilities
Like slippery cucumber seed
Anchored within the vined fruit

In time the fruit will be ripe
for eating; gently it will fall from the vine.

White dove shall eat of the seed.
She will fly again
to her nestlings
to nourish

Eventually to nudge them
toward their own
ripe fruit, bursting with seed.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Joy you my sorrow

I want to arms you a smile.
I want to smile you a hug.
I want to hug you a flower.
I want to flower you a bloom.
I want to bloom you a river.
I want to river you a flood.
I want to flood you a million
Songs of my joy.
I want to joy you my sorrow.
I want to sorrow away on a Cloud
That climbs above all of this.
I want to above all of this.
I want to this.
I want to away above float up to the fast road to happy you me
But there is no fast road to truth.
I want to truth you my words
I want to word my way out of this
I want out of this maze of my pain
I want to speed on a highway to rainbows and laughter. I want to laughter again. I want again.
I want again to tell your about Bees and Oceans and endless love and promise and forever
And no one else but your ocean eyes
You Mer.
I want to tell you I will be your ocean.I want to be someone's ocean.
But the only ocean I can be is the one I am
Right now.
The one that hurts and cries
And ignores and hurts
And looks at the little screen
And wonders what there is to say.
That isn't I'm sorry.
I sit on sidewalks and I cry.
I sit in restaurants and I cry.
I sit on my bed and I light candles and I cry and the depths of my pain seem so endless and yet this is not a depression
It is an ascension.
and ascensions don't happen without rising above.
And I want to rise above
This fucking shit and hurry up to something else
But that is like asking the flower to hurry up and grow.
Or the baby sparrow to hurry up and learn how to fly so she can be pushed from the nest and safely be a sparrow.
I have to lick my wounds and I have to pray and run and shout at the miserable bastards who hurt me
I have to sleep with my shadow self and walk with her and bathe her in sweet light.
I am a pitiful and puny human right now but my spirit is strong
And she will more than survive this.
I don't know what I am asking of you except to take God care of your Self. Take Goddess care of yourself. Please nurture your own longings and rekindle your lost loves and play yourself music and make love to your guitar.
Please write your spirit song
Please song your spirit
Please spirit your love not to me, but to your own true sparrow heart
So that she can be free.
Meanwhile I will wash myself in my tears.
I will tear myself a new heart.
I will heart my journey
I will journey my loss
I will lose my crying
I will cry myself loose
I will loose myself free.  I will right this upturned ship of my soul and I will chart a course for her.