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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankfulness Jar

Sunny kitchen mornings. 
Saying the true thing. 
Building community. 
Spring rain. Cozy sweater. Sunshine. 
Cup of warm coffee between my knees. 
Backyard in my underwear. 
Bare legs. 
Robin, yoga, Stella dog. 
Rides and joy and tears. 
Murals. Slow coffee. Morning walks with dog. 
Sweet morning cuddles. 
Yoga yoga yoga. 
Breath breath breath. 
Self-love. Folding into the space within. 
No fear. 
The cat came back. 
New farmers markets. Sunshine and wildflowers. 
Grow House. 
Sleeping enough. Cozy white cloud comforter. Morning trees. Dawn sky.  
My excellent bed and sheets and pillows. 
Rebirth. Snake eating tail analogy. 
Stones, moving, holding, grounding me. 
Sand cars. Art/chickens. Growth. Release.
Beautiful Lulu. Panini-pancake kitty, my familiar. 
Grace. Magic dreams. Stella sentinel. 
Restoration. Receiving. Ritual. 
Making new. Green Hair. Gratitude-healing. 
My sons. Their father. Faith. 
My own power. Giving gifts. Bear fetish (Zuni, and other.) 
Red kayaks. Self love. 
Divine love (mine.) 
(Yours too.) 
I choose what is important to me. Sunshine on my face. 
Phoenix Bird. Naming. Trust. Light. 
My own divine presence. 
Sunday morning sweetness. Genuine love. Unneedy love. 
Love love love. 
The warm soft hug of my sweet boy. 
Skinny teenage beardy shagginess. 
“Today I will.” Hope. 
Eye pillows. Lavender. 
My legs.
My intuition. 
Gifts. Small victories- big hopes. 
Self-mastery. Not giving away my power. 
Sunshine on my pain. 
I am at peace. I have all that I need in this moment. 
Heavy crying, release. Accepting change. 
Slow peaceful mornings. Watching my garden grow.

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